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Korea-India workshop

2016.12.12 – 2016.12.13 Indian people from PSG(college) and L&T(enterprise), who had conducted international collaborative research with us for the past two years, visited Korea to share the study results. Joint seminar, Lab tour and Korean culture experience was... read more

Technical tour & Competition videos of IROS 2016

  IROS 2016 Technical tour video. KAIST TCL, Doctor M, ETRI, HUBO Lab, KIMM, KIR #IROS #IROS2016 #Technicaltour #TCL #DoctorM #ETRI #HUBO #KIMM #KIR   IROS 2016 Competition video. Drone racing, Grasping, Dragon boat #IROS #IROS2016 #Competition #Drone... read more

Research areas of Telerobotics and Control Laboratory

Human Robot Interaction

We, KAIST HRI research group, have been developing Human-Robot Interaction technologies for the last decade. HRI researches have many issues in the field of perception, cognition, emotional interaction…
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Medical Robot

Our medical group research has been focusing on developing surgery robots, aiming to minimize invasiveness for patients, and maximize convenience for surgeons. Currently three major surgical robot systems have been developed in this context. …
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Haptics is a research field that creates sense of touch in terms of forces and tactile feedback. It can be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects in a computer simulation, to control virtual objects, and to enhance the remote control of machines and devices…
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